Mice & Rat Extermination In Richmond, BC

Mice and rats not only cause havoc to your property but are the disease carriers responsible for contaminating the food as well.They are known as identifiable pest which are most likely to find near the homes and businesses.

Being a responsible homeowner, it’s vital to remove such pests quickly once their presence has been discovered.

Rat Removal

At Conquest Pest, our pest control services begin with thorough interior and exterior inspection to locate points of all problematic situations.With leading training and advanced treatments, our pest control representatives will help you in permanent rat and mice removal from inside and outside the property.

Risks Of Delaying Professional Pest Control Solution

Conquest Pest provides you with certified and skilled pest controllers who can easily determine the infestation level and the damages that have been done by rodents. With our reliable pest control treatment, you can easily prevent yourself from destructive effects caused by the rats or mice in near future.

  • Structural Damages

The property damages like chewed on wiring, roof damages, holes in floors are the few that a rat or mouse can cause to your home.

  • Health Issues

Mice and rats are those disease-transmitting pests which can create a trouble for you and your family by contaminating the food and water.

  • Risk Of Combustion

Rats and mice can eat almost everything which might be hazardous and there always remains a risk of combustion, especially with electrical wiring.

  • Financial Loss

A rat or mice infestation can lead to huge spending of money on repairing the property damages and preventing the infestation.

Why Choose Our Rat & Mice Pest Control?

Conquest Pest is your locally-owned rat removal service which has years of experience in eliminating the minor to severe rat invasion in a home. We work with safe and proven rodent control procedures which ensure permanent rats and mice removal and prevention. We commit to offer you.

  • Same day solution
  • Thorough in-home inspection
  • Optimal pricing
  • Experienced exterminators
  • High-quality products
  • Safe pest control treatments

Having Rats or Mice Infestation? Call Us To Get Them Out Of Home!