Bed Bug Control & Removal Services In Richmond, BC

Have you seen black dots on your bed sheet?
Are you surrounded by parasitic blood-sucking bugs?
Do you want licensed bed bug exterminator in Richmond, BC?
If yes, then it’s time to choose us to get the job done in a right manner. At Conquest Pest, we are a leading bed bug extermination service who offers a full range of pest management solutions for both residential and commercial customers.

Bed Bug Extermination

With years of experience, our specialized bed bug control team use effective heat treatments to eliminate the beg bugs and their eggs. As every homeowner has their own specific needs, we work hard to fulfill their expectations. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and ensure you receive successful bed bug removal from all hidden spaces.

Major Indicators Of Bed Bug Infestation

The worst thing that can happen in your sweat home is the arrival of the blood-sucking crawlers without notifying you. If you suspect your living space infested with bugs, it’s ideal to inspect the home with the help of a professional. In order to better analyze your home for bugs, below are the few signs that indicate you have bed bugs in your home:

  • Red marks on body
  • Dark spots on furniture
  • Eggshells
  • Pungent odor emission
  • Blood stains on sheets
  • Burning & itching skin

Conquest Pest is your family owned and fully-operated bed bug extermination company which has the ability to handle both minor and major invasion. We only believe in implementing successful treatments and eco-friendly bed bug heat treatment procedures. With us, you receive quick and safe bug removal at most optimal rates.

Why Choose Conquest Pest For Bug Elimination?

  • We have years of experience in pest control industry who deals with almost every harmful pest.
  • Our treatments and procedures are updated, safe and offer quick results in less time.
  • Extremely experienced and skilled exterminators who always give first preference to customer needs.
  • Our pest control team in Richmond is aimed to deliver exceptional customer service with follow up treatments.

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