5 Signs You May Have Bed Bugs In Your Home

Bedbugs are the oval insect that often hide in the mattress and feed on human blood. They can also be found in upholstery furniture, curtain, carpet and in clutter. However, bed bug bites do not deliver any serious health hazard but it can deliver the itchiness and if you scratch it continuously, you may get an infection or bleeding.

This is the main reason to prevent your home and your belonging from bed bugs. So, below are the signs when you notice bugs in your home, consult for their effective solution.

  • Bite Marks On Your Skin:When you get up in the morning, you may find the noticeable sign of bed bugs bite on your skin. The small and red itchy marks often occur in line. It means their bite is different from other insects or flies bite.
  • Musty Odor:If your home has the musty odor like a wet towel that could be a symptom of bedbugs existence in your home. The bed bugs release the pheromones which cause the bad odor. The smell will become stronger if the pests are available in large amount.
  • Dark Rusty Color Spots:With the availability of bugs, your bed sheet will get dark spots. Because, the bed bugs leave fecal stains on bedding when they are too many.
  • Bed Bugs Shells:You will notice the bed bugs shell in white, husk-like specks. Sometimes, they can be mottled and are developed when bugs shed their skin.
  • White Spots On Furniture Joints: Inspect your furniture, if you find the small and white spots in their joints, there will be chances of having bed bugs. Sometimes, these spots are found in the dimples of your mattress.

When you notice these symptoms in your home, simply call Conquest Pest. We are the leading pest control company in Richmond Hill. We ensure to provide an effective and affordable solution for bed bugs removal.